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Product Name: Unlock Her Legs™ (The Scrambler Method)
Author/Creator:By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Unlock Her Legs Review

Dating is always a hot topic that many people experienced at some periods in their life. However, it is not easy to deal with this problem as it requires experience, time, and the right technique.

In this article, we will give you a review of a really popular attraction/dating guide by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio called “Unlock Her Legs”. Yes, the title seems pretty good, but does it actually help you to approach your girl? Let’s check it out.

"She must be
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What is Unlock Her Legs Book?

Unlock her legs is basically an innovative dating program created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, established names in teaching men the secrets of attracting beautiful women.
It is not a manual or pickup and seduction guide which teaches you the “flirting game”. Instead, Unlock her legs can be a perfect solution to help you with a woman who is already in the orbit. In other words, a woman who is already in your life now, but seems to be out of reach. 
The program consists of two separate methods:
The Lust System and The Scrambler. Each of these two components will give you necessary techniques and knowledge to get your girl. 
Currently, this program is available in audio and video format, along with a PDF e-book. It is comprised of a series of tips and tricks that every man can use to turn a normal guy into a women magnet.

About the Author

Both authors of the “Unlock her legs” – Rob Judge and Bobby Rio – are very accomplished and experienced personalities in their dating life.    

Rob Judge has started giving his dating advice to boys men since 2008. His seduction and pickup successes began a couple of years before that. Over the past few years, Rob has been a significant contributor to many dating shows and blogs thanks to his journalism background.    

Bobby Rio, on the other hand, is a prominent figure in the seduction and pickup industry with many years of experience. He is the founder of TSB Magazine, an online site which teaches boys and men about lifestyle, seduction, and dating. In addition to his successful site, Bobby also released some best-selling courses for dating such as Magnetic Messaging, which he was the co-author with Rob Judge.      

The combined knowledge and experiences of these 2 authors ensure the success and quality of Unlock her legs.

What is the Unlock Her Legs Book cover?

The whole “Unlock Her Legs” program focuses on a specific technique developed by Bobby and Rob, which is known as The Scrambler. 
The basic notion here is that girls often want a challenge or what they don’t have. If they know that you are in love with them, then they will definitely pretend like nothing happens.
 In the Scrambler method, Rob and Bobby will teach you how to use a mind game that can be applied to make women chase and obsess over you.
In general, the whole idea behind this program can be seen in 4 following steps:

  • Uncertainty In this step, you will learn how to fill a girl’s mind with doubt, which can eventually make her turn to you. For example, it teaches you how to have a small talk with girls or identify the common signs in women.
  • Power Next, it’s time to gain the power in your relationship. This means that you will learn how to make this girl want you more.
  • Validation As the name implies, this step will focus on making a woman seek validation via you. Here you can get useful methods and techniques to create a favorable situation in which girls always try to seek your approvals.
  • Anticipation In the last step, this program will teach you how to make girls become so impatient with constant anticipation about what you are going to do next. As a result, it will drive them to you much quicker.
*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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BONUS #3: The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence

This sequence can be used on a girl who has a boyfriend and will have her rushing into your arms and realizing that he doesn’t compare to you. You’ll learn how to take over her mind and lead her towards leaving him (without her ever knowing what you’re doing).

BONUS #4: The Magnetic Effect Pattern

This is a specific pattern of text messages you can use on a female friend to catapult you out of the friend zone, and take complete control of the relationship. This sneaky little sequence will “re-negotiate” the terms of your relationship without her ever knowing what just happened.

BONUS #5: Her Erogenous Zones

This report will teach you everything you need to know to ensure that you’re the best she’s ever had in bed. She’ll begin craving you inside her and wouldn’t even dream about sleeping with another guy.

BONUS #6: Dirty Dozen: 12 Conversation That Will Make Her Fall in Love

Here are 12 favorite topics you can sneak into a conversation that will have feeling like she’s falling in love with you. She’ll go home later that night feeling like she’s connected with you deeper than anyone else in her life.

The Pros of Program

  • To the credits, the authors provide a quite substantial list of recommended reading or references at the end of the file for The Scrambler. Here you can find some interesting information on peer-reviewed psychology research and other online studies or articles on dating and relationships.
  • Even though there are many lessons in the program, they are very easy and simple to remember or understand, which results in good results for many people.
  • The dating course provides all detailed information so that you don’t need to do further research elsewhere. What’s more, every lesson is filled with real-life experiences to help users understand better and relate to their personal life.
  • Unlocking Her Legs is an all-in-one solution, meaning that it can give advice to all kinds of men, no matter which situation they are facing or how bad they look like.
  • Compared to other similar programs on the market, this product is available at a very affordable price. What’s more, you can find some discounts for additional dating courses on their site.
  • Given its high-quality results to most users, there is still cash refundable if you have any complaints about the product during the first 2 months of your purchase.

The Cons of Program

  • As said before, there are plenty of lessons and advice in the entire program, which makes many people find the process quite laborious with any components much talking by Robby. Thus, it requires a lot of patience to understand and master all of these principles.
  • This program is not suitable for those who are looking for a quick and overnight solution to their dating problems. It might take months to read all of the materials and bonuses.
  • The majority of the program is available in audio and video format, making it difficult to review.

The Final Verdict

Unlock Her Legs book is not a fool proof plan devised to guarantee your pregnancy. It is a treatment laid down by a renowned nutritionist to benefit other couples who are or may be going through the same fate as hers. There is a secret treatment plan penned down in Unlock Her Legs that will increase your chances of contraception double fold immediately. It shows you the link between infertility and stress, and what you can do to minimize it to the least.
Most couple tend to ignore this simple method and run behind complicated surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike the latter, it will not even burn a hole in your pocket. It brings to your notice the various everyday activities that decrease your chances of having a baby and advises you against them. There is only a certain procedure to be followed seriously and diligently, and very soon you will be on your way to welcoming your baby.

Special offer + 6 Bonuses

ORDER TODAY ONLY!!  $79 $69.95

Product Name: Unlock Her Legs™ (The Scrambler Method)
Author/Creator:By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.
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